Maryland Department of Agriculture en Proposed MD Regulations on Phosphorous Pulled <p>The latest proposal by the Maryland Department of Agriculture regulating phosphorous levels has been scrapped before it voted on the new rules.</p><p>The department held two rounds of public hearings where strong opposition came from the poultry industry.</p><p>However, the department said it will continue to work with stakeholders to come up with a set of regulations which will be resubmitted sometime next year.</p><p>Kevin Anderson, a farmer from Princess Anne and president of the Maryland Grain Producers Association, said the new regulations would put a financial strain on farmers.</p> Mon, 18 Nov 2013 14:11:19 +0000 Don Rush 44878 at Proposed MD Regulations on Phosphorous Pulled New Maryland Emergency Fertilizer Rules Could Be Phased In <p>Maryland Department of Agriculture pulls emergency fertilizer regulations. However, there are expectations that the new rule will be phased in overtime.&nbsp; Delmarva Public Radio's Don Rush reports:</p><p></p> Wed, 28 Aug 2013 13:16:46 +0000 Don Rush 40172 at New Maryland Emergency Fertilizer Rules Could Be Phased In Maryland Celebrates National Ice Cream Month <p>July is National Ice Cream Month.</p><p>And the state of Maryland has created an ice cream trail that leads to eight dairy farms that make their own concoctions.</p><p>Maryland News Connection reporter Allison Burns has the story:</p><p></p> Wed, 10 Jul 2013 13:35:24 +0000 Don Rush 37433 at Maryland Celebrates National Ice Cream Month MD Farmers Encouraged to Buy Crop Insurance <P>SALISBURY,&nbsp; Md. (AP) - Maryland agriculture officials are encouraging farmers to buy crop insurance.</P> <P>Steve Connelly, an Agriculture Department marketing specialist, told The <A href="">Salisbury Daily Times&nbsp;</A> that the department is increasing its budget for advertising and translating insurance materials into other languages to promote the use of crop insurance. Connelly says the insurance helps farmers manage risk and offset losses.&nbsp;&nbsp;</P> <P>The department is placing additional advertising reminders in trade publications about a Sept. Tue, 21 Aug 2012 13:03:02 +0000 Don Rush 19383 at Farmers Sweat Over Corn Crops During Heatwave <p>The intense heat has local farmers worried about their corn crops.</p><p>Richard Nottingham, a University of Maryland Extension agent in Somerset County, told the Salisbury Daily Times that the leaves are beginning to curl under the hot sun.</p><p>With temperatures above 95 degrees the pollen could be killed off.</p><p>Nottingham said most of the local crops are within two weeks of reaching the critical stage of tasseling which needs moisture.</p><p>Rainfall has been spotty in recent weeks with Princess Anne getting around three-tenths of an inch during a thunderstorm last week.</p> Mon, 02 Jul 2012 12:38:34 +0000 Don Rush 16029 at